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your saving throw vs. urban life

nerds and geeks of nyc
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i, zenostortoise, created this community for people who, like me, live in and around nyc and have geeky interests. after starting college here a few years ago, i found it was very difficult to meet people like myself, or find out about events in the geek/nerd community. hopefully, this lj forum will help everyone out. after leaving new york city/being busy with real life, basepair and mylaptopisevil are now moderators. If you have any questions, please email them to icutyou[at]gmail[dot]com.

here are a few ground rules.


please, people. don't make me ban you. you may only promote geek events. what constitues a geek event is at my discretion. if you're not sure, don't post it.

1. all posts must be made with comments allowed. this is a community for discussing geeky issues, and disallowing comments prevents discussion.

2. SPOILERS MUST BE LJ-CUT with a warning that says "SPOILERS AHEAD!" or some variation thereof. if you don't know how to lj cut, it's (lj-cut text="SPOILERS AHEAD") with the () replaced by <>. if you're a dick and do it anyways, you will be banned on first offense. to report a violation of this rule for immediate deletion, email idoru@tmail.com.

3. don't troll. don't feed the trolls. trolling is at my discretion.

4. photos must be behind a lj-cut. no exceptions.

5. try to stick to topics that are relevant to the nyc community (or at least relevant to the geek community at large). posts like "what wow servers do you play on?" are okay, but posts like "wH3re kAn 1 g3t 1337 cRax fOr _______" are not. incoherent leetspeek (actually, incoherence in general) will be deleted at my discretion. learn to speak. it's not that tough.

carry on.
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